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About the Service

All-Tech Communications provides customized IT support and helpdesk services to all-sized organizations according to the industry they are serving. Our IT consulting and support services include the following features to benefit your organization:

Business IT Services

Our business IT consultancy and management services get you smart and effective IT tools that consolidate all software hardware to create a reliable technology environment necessary for business success.

Helpdesk Support

Our IT staff helps your end-users with all the information required regarding your product and services.


Network Management & Maintenance

An effective network is what every organization needs for smooth information flow and fast communication. We design and install the best IT network in your organization that provides that ultimate connectivity between all resources and online databases.

Network Monitoring & Security

We keep security prior from the start because we never let our clients face any technical mishap. That is why we offer 24/7 monitoring services to keep your IT network working correctly.

Why Choose Us

Reengineer Your IT Infrastructure

All-Tech Communications has been serving the industry for almost the last three decades and deploying the most effective IT and networking strategies for organizations that seek technological support. ATC founder Robert Patterson has worked with Nortel, Avaya, Cisco, and Juniper Equipment with 30+ years of experience in consulting, designing, installing, and maintaining IT and networking solutions.

With comprehensive experience, skilled engineers, and tech professionals, ATC has always helped its clients achieve their business goals by deploying a well-structured IT plan and continuous technical support.


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With our IT and networking solutions, we integrate all of your organization’s devices and IT infrastructure for smoother and faster information processing.

Education, Healthcare, Manufacturing, and more.

From consultancy to full-fledged IT infrastructure deployment and maintenance.

After designing and installing the best IT and networking plan, we provide routine maintenance and monitoring services to keep your organizational systems intact and safe.

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