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Structured Cabling – Why Perfect Installation is Necessary

Building a new office or college campus or getting them renovated, structured cabling plays a vital role in ensuring fast communication, reliability, scalability, and, most importantly, aesthetics of the place.

From cable type to perfect network distribution across the premises, everything must be considered while selecting the structured cabling contractor for your office work.

Finding a reliable structured cabling contractor can be a headache if you do not have the proper understanding of the installation process and connectivity. Here we got the ultimate guide for businesses, educational institutes, and healthcare organizations looking for reliable and efficient cabling services.

Understanding Structured Cabling

If desktops, devices, software, and hardware comprise the skeletal of your IT infrastructure, then structured cabling and dedicated networking is the brain of your system.

Structured cabling in your premises is your business’s telecommunication infrastructure that helps connect and function your organization’s audio, video, information, internet, and security systems. Structured cabling is comprised of 6 components mentioned below:

1.     Entrance Facility Cabling

The entrance facility is the point where your internet service provider’s wiring ends, and your office’s connection starts. Ensuring the right connectivity at the starting point is essential to have the uninterrupted internet because ISP’s responsibility ends when the internet or telecommunication cable enters your organization’s building. Protecting cable and connection to all access points and devices is crucial here.

2.     Horizontal Cabling

Horizontal cabling is referred to spreading the cables from the main hub to the work area. Here transitions are made between two different types of wires and cross-connections made using jumpers and patch cords to distribute the network equally.

3.     Vertical Cabling

Vertical cabling interconnects different office spaces with the main hub. Vertical cabling is the art of connecting all the integral devices together without creating a mess.

4.     Telecommunication Cabling

A telecommunication room is the center point where all vertical and horizontal cables meet. For well-structured cabling, the telecommunication enclosure must be intact with top-notch facilities to ensure flawless internet distribution throughout the building.

5.     Work Area Components

It is the final part of structured cabling where the mainline is diverted into sub-line then further divided into larger numbers to connect with the devices present in the work area.

6.     Consolidation Point Cabling

Every office or educational institute has a consolidation point to house routers and servers. Here structured cabling installation plays a vital role because messy and improper connections can ruin an organization’s connectivity and internet supply.

Factors to Consider Before Installing Structured Cabling

Structured cabling needs vary from organization to organization and industry to industry. To install cables properly for effective performance, organizations must consider the following factors:

·      Design

Design must be best prior to anything while installing a structured cabling system to the office premises. Choosing the experienced installer plays a vital role because the cables must be connected properly to the terminals and tied in such a way that does not affect the aesthetics. Also, overlapping telecommunication or data cables with electricity cables can affect the performance due to the electromagnetic field emission.

·      Hardware

The cables and other dedicated equipment used in structured cabling must be of high quality because installing low-quality hardware not only affects the network quality but also costs more in the long term.

·      Longevity

Beware of outdated equipment and faulty cables because such hardware will not support the information sharing that it is meant to be.

·      Work Area

Before developing a cabling design, the number of devices and their placement must be considered because it directly affects the consolidation of devices with the internet and office servers.

Choosing the Best Installer for Structured Cabling

So, if you are looking for a structured cabling installation in your organization, you must consider all the factors mentioned above before handing over the contract. All-Tech Communications is the top-ranked IT and networking service provider that bags more than two decades of experience in providing top-notch structured cabling services for educational, healthcare, and many other organizations. Choose the best service provider for advanced information sharing and uninterrupted internet connection.

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